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Ivory Rose Vase

Ivory Rose Vase - £105.99

Featuring 24 beautiful ivory roses hand-tied with mixed foliage and presented in a tall twist glass vase.

Approximate Product Dimensions:

Height: 60cm, Width: 40cm

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About Our Roses

A rose is a rose, right? Well actually no a rose is not just a rose. One of the questions we are frequently asked is: "Why is there such a price variance between supermarket flowers and flowers from a florist?"

Typically supermarkets buy 'lower grade' roses many of which are grown in Kenya, Ethiopia and India. They have smaller heads and shorter stem and arrangements are usually mass produced and wrapped in a factory before being shipped to stores. Because they are cooled quickly and shipped without water they tend to have a shorter vase life.

All the roses used in the Valentines Collection are Freedom Roses. The are sourced from the finest growers in Columbia and Equador. These roses have a larger more dense head and a longer thicker stem. Before being shipped thay are chilled over a 24 hour period to ensure optimum vase life. Professional florists are trained on how to process the flowers such as treating the cut flower with flower food, keeping them in cool places, changing the water regularly, etc. Once we receive your order it is hand made and delivered to ensure maximum brownie points!

Freedom Roses Comparison